About us

My name is Dr. Benedict Heblich. I am the founder of Find Your Values. My motivation is to support humans to get more clarity about what is important to them in life and to act accordingly. Based on scientific findings and professional experience, I am convinced that values-based living contributes to the flourishing of people and planet. This motivation determines the direction of my work as a scientific researcher, coach, and trainer.

An important part of my work is my research at the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology-Management and Innovation (EnTechnon) in Karlsruhe. At this context, my work focuses on individuals interested in founding an own business as well as on business founders. I support them in workshops and coachings in getting clarity about their personal values. Based on this clarity, we develop a business plan that fits those values. Finally, I provide guidance for the implementation process of the business plan. The enhanced intrinsic motivation shows significant positive effects for founders and their businesses. However, my work not only focuses on those target groups. It focuses on all individuals that want to find out more about themselves in order to make decisions that fit the own personality.

Through digitalization and rising pressure to perform our lives are more hectic. This process leads to the problem that we barely know ourselves and often lose our sense of direction in life. Psychological illnesses like negative stress, burnout and depression are often the consequence. With my work, I want to counteract this negative process. Based on research findings and my personal experience, I am convinced that the connection to our core of values unleashes positive effects. It can make us personally more successful and satisfied and encourages us to act more social and ecologically sustainable.

Benedict Heblich