Pitch by Benedict Heblich

to answer the BI X Research Ops Challenge

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Executive Summary


Research Ops

The orchestration and optimization of people, processes, and craft in order to amplify the value and impact of research at scale.

What are core values?

What are core values?


01 Moving from organizational approach to eco-system approach.

02 Foster connect to create an open community of internal and external stakeholders.

03 Foster Exchange across all stakeholders through interviews and workshops.

04 Coaching & mentoring to strengthen the internal skillsets.


What are core values?
What are core values?

What are core values?


What are core values?

Value & Impact

What are core values?

What are core values?

Challenges for a traditional company

What are core values?


01 Shift from organisational to eco-system approach.

02 Convincing traditional business units of research ops value and impact.

03 Create a community that is open to share.


01 Shift from traditional, predictive project management to agile.

02 Issues of ownership and privacy.

03 Prevent that research ops is seen as a foreign unit inside Boehringer Ingelheim.

Thank you!

Looking forward to meet you

What are core values?

Benedict Heblich

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