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The universal continuum of human values is a representation of human values that has been developed and improved over decades by our research partner Professor Shalom Schwartz starting in 1992 and is the core of our questionaire. He is the creator of the Theory of Basic Human Values.

A study by our founder Dr. Benedict Heblich, adapted the model with additional higher-order values of intrinsic, extrinsic & neutral values and added the value of health as a 20th value to the model.  The final categorization can be found in our 36 page personalized evaluation. 

Primary studies were done by Dr. Heblich in entrepreneurial context where the importance of values clarity and alignement for leaders and founders was established. Furthermore, with a sample size of 6,705 people, our scientific researching founders together with the Professor and Head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation (EnTechnon) - Prof. Orestis TerzidisDr. Marcos González & Dr. Katherina Kuschel at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) were able to show the vital role of clarity regarding personal values in fostering healthy and effective human functioning.

We use state of the art scientific methods to develop and validate our assessment.

We are proud to have published an essential discovery about the quality of human motivation.

International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology.

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We see Core Values Finder as a living and breathing coaching tool. To make sure it lives it's best life, we stay in close contact with our coaches to see what improvements we can make to the results or supplementary coaching materials.

Every feedback or request is taken into consideration to give you the best form of experience as a coach or client.

So we can proudly say "Made with coaches for coaches!"

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Here are 5 reasons why Core Values Finder is your next big move in coaching

The Science Behind Validates It

The Core Values Finder uses a proprietary modified PVQ -RR (Portraits Values Questionnaire Revised) framework which can be a game-changer in coaching.

By utilizing Core Values Finder backed by scientific research, coaches and psychologists have provided positive testimonials, highlighting the significant benefits they experienced after utilizing the tool. It offers a more structured and evidence-based approach to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals.

1. Expensive licenses

A common misconception is that scientific questionaires are free to use commercially. This is untrue and have IP protection and legal liabilities.  We own and have secured all necessary licensing for our proprietary questionnaire. When you purchase from us, you're fully authorized to use this tool with your clients, free from any expensive licensing concerns.

2. Clarify Purpose

Research indicates that individuals with a clear sense of purpose are twice as likely to be fully engaged in their roles (Dik, Duffy, & Eldridge, 2009). By using the PVQ-RR framework, you can help clients find their 'why,' effectively doubling their commitment and focus toward their goals.

3. Vision-Crafting

Studies have shown that individuals who write down specific and challenging goals are more successful in achieving them compared to those who have vague or no goals (Locke & Latham, 1990). The "Goal" component of Core Values Finder can help your clients crystallize their aspirations, improving their chances of success.

4. Personalized Strategies

Based on the quantified values, coaches can formulate personalized development plans. Behavior change models like the Transtheoretical Model can be incorporated to make these plans more effective (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983).

5. Lifelong Learning and Adaptation

Encourage clients to see this as a cyclical, ongoing process. The PVQ-RR framework is iterative and can adapt as the individual's needs and circumstances change, supported by the idea of lifelong learning and personal adaptability (Jarvis, 2004). PVQ-RR’s focus on measurable "Results" sets up natural milestones for feedback, making each coaching interaction more impactful.

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