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The Core Values Finder is a scientifically validated tool that supports you in getting clarity about your personal values with which you can align to live a healthy and effective life.

With your payment, we create an individualized 32-pages evaluation for you with your personal values profile and recommended actions. Due to our high-quality standard, we make a personal quality check. Therefore, we take some time to create your evaluation. We strive to deliver you your evaluation within 48 hours via email.

The Core Values Finder evaluation and action plan that will be sent to you comprises of five components:

The Core Values Finder is scientifically proven to have the potential to significantly contribute to aspects of clarity, efficacy & health, based on an international study with a sample size of 6,705 (see the study):

  • Core Values Orientation
  • Authentic Commitment and Goal Progress
  • Perceived Ease of Goal Pursuit
  • Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction
  • Reduction of Anxiety and Depression
  • Effective Coping with Physical Symptoms
  • Satisfaction with Life
  • Meaning in Life
  • Vitality