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Discover What Values Guide Your Life

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Discover What Values Guide Your Life

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Discover What Values Guide Your Life

Reveals what truly motivates you, so you make better decisions & live life on your terms.


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Sample of Results

Discover What Values Guide Your Life

Reveals what truly motivates you, so you make better decisions & live life on your terms.

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Character Images Using AI

You don't like massive blocks of boring texts? 

To add to the reading fun factor we used generative artificial intelligence to produce Distinct Personality Titles and Captivating Character Images. They are rooted in the essence of your Top 1 Core Value

What do you think your title would be?


What are Core Values?

Core values are an integral aspect of an individual's personality. That is, they can be defined as trans-situational personal goals that are inextricably linked to our emotions. Thus, they significantly influence what makes us happy in life

Furthermore, every individual has a unique set and hierarchy of core values. If we get aware of these inner trans-situational goals and bring them into our consciousness, they can serve as guiding principles for our actions.

Have you ever wondered how many values exist? Well, there are infinite! However, an international scientific researcher & Professor that we work with, Prof. Shalom Schwartz developed a universal continuum of human values that shows examples of certain distinct values that exist across different cultures. Some examples of these are self-direction, stimulation, hedonism, achievement, power, security, tradition, and caring. Our Values Finder is oriented on this continuum. Read more about the quantified values.


Happy Man after knowing his core values

Why are Core Values important?

To understand why they are important it is crucial to understand what knowledge about them can lead to positive benefits in life. For instance, our scientific research and professional experience strongly indicate that having clarity about inner core values and living in congruence with them can lead to positive individual and societal effects. Firstly, on the individual level, it fosters well-being and health as well as personal goal progress. Secondly, on the societal level, socially and ecologically sustainable behaviour is fostered.

Albeit, personal values develop throughout our lives rather than subconsciously, eventually when we get more clarity about them, we are able to live more in congruence with them. Above all, we tend to experience positive emotions when we act in congruence with our core values or when our environment advocates them.

With the Core Values Finder, we developed a cutting-edge scientific tool in collaboration with psychologists to support you in getting more clarity about them.

How do we do it?
Cutting Edge Science
The Science Behind?
Cutting Edge

We are scientists who used different scientific questionnaires in conjuction with each other. They are mainly from the field of motivational psychology.

A central questionnaire used is the Portraits Values Questionnaire Revised (PVQ-RR) by our research partner and Social Psychologist Prof. Shalom Schwartz, which was developed over the last 30 years to measure personal values tendencies. He is the creator of the Theory of Basic Human Values.

We have secured the license exclusively to the IP Protected questionaire and cannot be copied.  Read more about our scientific research.

The science behind core values