2016 The Begining - A Doctorate

Dr. Benedict starts his Ph.D. to formulate the first version of the values finder assessment and prove its scientific relevancy & efficacy.

2020 Research & Partnership with Prof. Shalom Schwartz

World renown social psychologist and American Psychological Association fellow partners up to combine decades of research work.

2021 Doctorate Ph.D. Publication

Dr. Benedict completed his Ph.D. and officially published his findings on the values finder assessment.

2021 Co-Founders

Mouzzam & Marius join the team as co-founders.

2022 Core Value Finder V2.0 Public

After feedback the values finder questionnaire is reduced in size for a better user experience while still maintaning scientific validity.

2022 Vivid Ground

Vivid Ground was registered as a company that builds tools and services for bettering the mental and physical health of humanity.

    Our Company Values

    Vivid Ground's cultural values make up every team member's DNA.


    This value emphasizes a continuous commitment to achieving the highest standards in every action we take. It reflects a dedication to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement, underscoring the belief that excellence is not merely an endpoint but a perpetual journey to exceed any stakeholders expectations.

    Creative Integrity

    This emphasizes the company's commitment to maintaining high standards of creativity and originality. Our company values unique, innovative approaches and aims to integrate beauty and creativity in a way that is authentic and impactful leaving a memorable impression behind.

    Our Directional Values

    The purpose of our work.

    Human Flourishing

    "I am alive! I am not just a survivor."

    Our mission is to empower individuals to continuously learn, develop, and make meaningful contributions to society. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where thriving, not merely surviving, is the norm. Our aim is to inspire and support people in living their lives to the fullest, ensuring they achieve their greatest potential while making a lasting, positive impact on the world.

    Collective Responsibility

    "All for one, one for all."

    As a company we strive to embody the essence of unity, collaboration, and mutual growth. It's about understanding that we are all part of a larger whole and that our individual actions can significantly impact this whole. We take responsibility for our actions and work towards a common goal for the collective benefit of all.