• Shama Parvin

    Shama Parvin

    I really love the visuals!
  • Nicki


    Boston Consulting Group
    Very Insightful! I use it as part of my self development and leadership management.
  • Taelynn


    My life coach recommended finding my values. I think this was the best tool I found from my reasearch.


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  • Dr. Alice Rizzi
    I really enjoyed taking the assessment and reading the results. The questions were very thorough and interesting. I can see how they could help someone better understand themselves and think about their goals and values. Well done!
    Dr. Alice Rizzi
    Psychologist at Together Mindful
  • Mansha
    I was awed by the visual illustrations! A lot of significant insight about myself (my values). The part that showed my top 3 values was especially interesting to me. In the end I would say money well spent and would recommend it.
    Senior Physiotherapist at Level Health
  • Niki
    Very Insightful! I use it as part of my self development and leadership management program.
    Senior Consultant at Boston Consulting Group
  • Naaz
    When you find something this good, you have to let everyone know about it.
    Homemaker at Home
  • Marcelle
    Really pretty report! There was a slight delay but once I got in touch things were sorted out. The detailed analysis helped me understand my values better. Would highly recommend!
    Decision Specialist at KIT

    Overall ratings:    4.9 out of 5 stars

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