Personal Core Value: Power Through Dominance

Personal Core Value: Power Through Dominance


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The Personal Core Value: Power Through Dominance is an Extrinsic Motivator.

Discover how the core value of “Power through Dominance” shapes our lives and contributes to personal and professional growth. Harness this value to empower yourself and others.

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1. Introduction

In today's complex world, the core value of "Power through Dominance" often brings forth contrasting viewpoints. While some may view it as a necessary aspect of leadership, others criticize it as an antiquated notion incompatible with modern, egalitarian societies. Regardless, the value influences us in numerous ways, consciously or subconsciously, and understanding its intricacies can enrich our personal and professional lives.

2. Unpacking the Concept: Power through Dominance

This value goes beyond just authority and control; it is about steering the circumstances in a way that aligns with your objectives and aspirations. Essentially, embracing this value is about being a proactive player in the game of life, rather than a passive bystander. It calls for conscious, informed decisions, whether you are navigating corporate dynamics, politics, or personal relationships.

3. The Scientific Backdrop: Basic Human Values Theory and Self-Determination

Scholars have spent decades studying human values. Shalom Schwartz's Basic Human Values Theory identifies power as a universal value that guides our lives (Schwartz, 1992). Coupled with Self-Determination Theory, which emphasizes our need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness, this value becomes even more nuanced (Schwartz & Cieciuch, 2022).

4. Famous Quotes on Power and Dominance

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

"The steps of power are often steps on sand." - Edward Counsel

5. Real-Life Examples: The Good, the Bad, and the Balanced

In Business: Jeff Bezos' dominant strategy with Amazon has revolutionized retail.

In Sports: Serena Williams shows how power through dominance can transcend the field and make broader societal impacts.

In Politics: Nelson Mandela wielded power through dominance not by oppressive means but by uniting a divided nation.

In Personal Life: In any successful partnership, both parties have an understanding of the power dynamics at play, and this understanding contributes to a harmonious relationship.

6. The Criticisms and Misconceptions

The value of "Power through Dominance" is not without its critics. Many argue that it can perpetuate inequalities and foster toxic environments. It's crucial to differentiate between unhealthy domination and constructive leadership. Being conscious of the criticisms allows us to exercise this value ethically and responsibly.

7. Conclusion: Your Journey to Self-Discovery

Harnessing the core value of "Power through Dominance" effectively requires understanding, self-reflection, and balance. This rich and multi-faceted value can have profound impacts on your life when channeled correctly.

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