Personal Core Value: Hedonism

Personal Core Value: Hedonism


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The Personal Core Value: Hedonism is an Intrinsic Motivator.

Unraveling hedonism – from its ancient origins to its modern implications, and how understanding this core value can unveil layers about your personality.

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1. Introduction to Hedonism

The personal core value of hedonism revolves around the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain. Stemming from the Greek word 'hedone', meaning pleasure, hedonism has been a topic of interest and exploration for millennia (Schwartz, 1992).

2. Hedonism in Theoretical Context

Hedonism, as a value, falls under the broader framework of Shalom Schwartz's Basic Human Values Theory. Within this comprehensive structure, hedonism is closely associated with the stimulation and self-direction values, both centered around personal gratification and sensory pleasure (Schwartz, 2006). Moreover, when viewed through the lens of the Self-Determination Theory, hedonistic pursuits can be seen as intrinsically motivating actions that are done for their inherent satisfaction (Deci & Ryan, 1985).

3. Historical Perspective of Hedonism

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." - Aristotle

The roots of hedonism trace back to ancient civilizations, with Greek philosophers like Epicurus emphasizing the significance of pleasure as the ultimate good. Throughout history, this perspective has evolved, with various societies and cultures interpreting and adapting hedonistic values differently (Sagiv & Schwartz, 2022).

4. Hedonism and Mental Health

Modern psychology often addresses the fine line between seeking pleasure and maintaining mental health. While hedonism can offer moments of happiness, an overindulgence without balance can lead to potential negative repercussions for one's mental well-being (Roccas et al., 2002).

5. Embracing Balanced Hedonism

Balanced hedonism promotes the idea of intertwining short-term pleasures with long-term goals and overall well-being. By seeking a harmonious balance between immediate gratification and prolonged satisfaction, individuals can lead a fulfilling life that caters to both their present and future selves (Schwartz & Cieciuch, 2022).

6. Hedonism in Today's World

In the era of digital connectivity, hedonism manifests in various ways. From the curated lives showcased on social media platforms to the ephemeral joys of online shopping, the modern world offers endless avenues for hedonistic pursuits. However, it's essential to recognize the transient nature of these pleasures and strive for a more profound, lasting sense of happiness (Roccas et al., 2002).

7. Conclusion

While hedonism champions the pursuit of pleasure, it's the balance between transient joys and enduring contentment that paves the path for a fulfilling life. To delve deeper into understanding hedonism's role in your personal values, consider taking our comprehensive personality assessment on www.findyourvalues.com. The PVQ-RR assessment, based on Schwartz's refined theory, offers invaluable insights into your core values, empowering you with self-awareness and guiding personal growth (Schwartz & Cieciuch, 2022).

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